To reach every young person of Ukraine with the Gospel

Youth for Christ is an international Christian movement whose goal is to bring the Good News of salvation in Jesus Christ to children, teenagers and young people.
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Day Care Centres
Social and spiritual care for children from disadvantaged families
Three Stories
An effective method of evangelism is through relationships
Helps people achieve certain goals in the profession, ministry or personal life
Rock Solid
Effective instrument for sharing Evangelism in interesting for teenagers form.Description - Resources-Contacts
Wake Up Deborah
A prayer movement aimed at finding prayer parents for children of day care centers.
School of Leadership
Systematic studying of leadership, communication, management and team work.


During my tumultuous and chaotic high school years, YFC fanned the flames of spiritual inquiry within me and helped me understand much of what later led to the creation of Willow Creek

- Bill Hybels

He (Torry Johnson) asked if I could join him and become a partner and evangelist. So, I had the honor to be the first official worker of “Youth for Christ”.

- Billie Graham

Thank God for “Youth for Christ”. More than 60 years of active activity testify to their consecration to God, faithfulness to the Scriptures, compassion in service. YFC expands God’s Kingdom

- Josh McDowell



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The story of the leader of the Day Center “Friends” in Khmelnytskyi
10 May 2023
Nazar is 17 years old. He is an active and diligent assistant in two Day Centers located in the city […]
About the friendship of our two day centers and their incredible mission.
08 May 2023
Friends are a treasure that we always carry with us, and new acquaintances are windows to the world of unforgettable […]
We rejoice together with “Happy Day” in Volyn!
08 May 2023
On March 13, 2023, the “Happy Day” day center in Volyn celebrated its sixth anniversary. Sadly, last year’s festivities were […]
Корисні нагороди для дітей групи ризику
11 Jun 2020
10 червня Денний Центр «Життя прекрасне» організував ярмарок обміну лайків, в якому 39 діток прийняли участь. Протягом року діти збирали […]
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