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Effective instrument for sharing Evangelism in interesting for teenagers form. Description - Resources-Contacts

Teen and youth clubs within the “Rock” program are widely recognized as a popular and effective means of engaging young people with the message of Christ. This is why numerous churches in Ukraine utilize evangelistic clubs to share the message of salvation in an intriguing manner with teenagers.

A club is a specially prepared gathering conducted by the youth church team, typically held once a week and comprising the following components:

  1. Games (including games, contests, skits, visual aids, multimedia videos, etc.).
  2. Discussion of relevant topics.
  3. Personal communication.

The primary objectives of the club as an evangelistic method are as follows:

  1. Establishing friendships with teenagers.
  2. Spreading the message of salvation in Christ based on these newfound friendships.

The club operates on the following guiding principles:

  1. Fun and engaging: The program is designed to provide an enjoyable and interesting experience for young people.
  2. Relationship building: Club meetings offer a valuable opportunity for the team to get acquainted and form friendships with teenagers.
  3. Addressing current topics: The team facilitates discussions on subjects that resonate with today’s youth.
  4. Gospel-focused: Sharing the story of Jesus Christ, who can serve as their Savior and friend.
  5. Collaboration: Collaborating with “Youth for Christ” and other clubs throughout Ukraine.

The “Rock” program, developed by the organization “Youth for Christ,” aims to assist local churches in reaching teenagers and young people for Jesus through the use of evangelistic clubs. This program is designed to cater to the preferences, interests, and needs of young individuals. It covers a wide range of relevant topics for today’s teenagers, such as parent-child relationships, loneliness, fear, the future, bullying, parties, dating, sex, friendships, drugs, alcohol, and more.

The annual collection of resources provides detailed guidance for each meeting throughout the academic year, making it a valuable tool for your club ministry. Each “Rock” club gathering incorporates energetic and enjoyable games and contests, discussions on current topics, real-life examples, and the proclamation of the Gospel. By engaging young people in these meetings, you prompt them to contemplate God and discover how He can genuinely assist them in various situations.

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