School of Leadership

Systematic studying of leadership, communication, management and team work.

The Leadership School provides ministers with regular training aimed at developing effective leadership skills and fostering teamwork in any field or ministry.

Situation analysis:

When we examine the lives of today’s young people, it becomes evident that the situation among teenagers and youth is deeply concerning. Many young individuals, often unaware of the consequences, find themselves on a path of self-destruction. An observation of modern youth society reveals the following:

  1. Spiritual values among young people are fragmented, with a lack of clear understanding regarding right and wrong.
  2. Virtual communication has supplanted real-life connections, resulting in teenagers leading double lives that are often marked by hypocrisy.
  3. The prevalence of negative influences is on the rise, enveloping our youth in various forms of addiction, and the age at which they are exposed to these harmful behaviors is decreasing with each generation.
  4. A sense of apathy towards life leads to depression and even contemplation of suicide.
  5. Uncertainty about the future and fear of what lies ahead dampen the desire to live and strive for personal growth.


The goal of the YFC (Ministry of Discipleship and Holiness) in Ukraine is to support churches in igniting, training, and equipping ministers who can effectively reach children, teenagers, and youth with the Gospel message, ultimately leading them to Christ. In collaboration with the international organization “Equip,” YFC strives to cultivate leaders, promoting their spiritual growth, teaching leadership skills, fostering teamwork, and providing effective models for working with the younger generation through the YFC Leadership School.


YFC Ukraine aims to establish Leadership Schools in every region of the country, making education accessible and empowering as many ministers as possible.

Expected Results and Church Benefits:

  • Equipping churches with a greater number of ministers, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of their service.
  • Cultivating a strong leadership base within the church, capable of leading people to Christ.
  • Fostering teamwork and fostering effective unity among ministers.
  • Motivating ministers to deepen their relationship with God and grow spiritually in their knowledge of Him.
  • Training church ministers in effective skills for working with the younger generation and utilizing successful models of evangelism among children, teenagers, and young people.
  • Developing leaders with a high level of proficiency in leadership qualities and their practical application.
  • Equipping leaders with the ability to teach and mentor others, while enhancing their skills for practical life.

The School of Leadership Program:

The YFC utilizes the “Million Leaders” program, developed by the “Equip” organization, as the primary tool to connect children’s, adolescent, and youth ministers. The program is structured into courses for convenience, with each course consisting of six study books, encompassing six lessons each. A session of the School of Leadership involves conducting six lessons from a specific workbook. The program offers several unique features:

  • Non-linear curriculum: Each study book is independent of the others, enabling participants to join the School of Leadership at any stage of the study. Even if a participant misses a session, they can still continue their studies without interruption.
  • Comprehensive approach: The six lessons in each workbook are divided into three essential areas for ministers – spiritual growth, leadership skills, and building teamwork. This comprehensive approach ensures that participants receive a well-rounded education.
  • Biblical foundation: The program is enriched with important leadership principles, all of which are firmly rooted in the Word of God and supported by biblical examples. This ensures that participants receive a solid biblical framework for their leadership development.
  • Targeted audience: The School of Leadership welcomes youth/adolescent leaders, pastors, home group leaders, Sunday school directors, and teachers who are over 16 years old and possess a mature approach to learning. Participants should be eager to learn, willing to grow, and capable of imparting their knowledge to others at their respective levels.

By incorporating these elements, the School of Leadership program offers a comprehensive and adaptable learning experience, empowering ministers to effectively serve and lead in their respective roles.

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