Day Care Centres

Social and spiritual care for children from disadvantaged families

A Day Care Center is a place where an atmosphere of love and support is created, in which children can develop comprehensively:

spiritually (learning moral and ethical principles of life);
physically (learning the rules of hygiene and etiquette in the team);
intellectually (search and development of individual talents);
emotionally (the ability to control emotions under different circumstances);
socially (preparation for independent life, building relationships with different people)

The program of the Day Care Center is quite flexible and should be developed according to the needs of the children and the capabilities of the team. But its minimum component for the full functioning of the Center is:

thematic classes (personality formation);
lunch or afternoon tea (physical needs);
doing homework (social sphere).

The DCC project is aimed at supporting and evangelizing children and their families who find themselves in difficult life circumstances.

At the end of 2020, there are 106 DCCs in Ukraine, and more than 1,660 participants regularly attend DC meetings;

About 4,800 children and teenagers had the opportunity to hear the Gospels at additional events organized by the DCC team.

Also, the DCC has contact with 1,588 families of these children, and about 600 are regularly consulted, visited and provided with various assistance.

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