The story of the leader of the Day Center “Friends” in Khmelnytskyi

News 10 May 2023
The story of the leader of the Day Center “Friends” in Khmelnytskyi

Nazar is 17 years old. He is an active and diligent assistant in two Day Centers located in the city of Khmelnytskyi. His journey with ministry started with a Christian summer camp in 2019. It was his first time attending a camp, and he enjoyed it incredibly. Later that year, at the post-camp meeting, all interested children were invited to the Day Center, and Nazar also expressed his desire to attend and started participating in the meetings.

In the Day Center, Nazar made new friends, did his homework, improved his studies, and most importantly, as he notes, he learned who God truly is. He participated in the activities for two years until the war broke out in Ukraine, and the Day Center’s operations were halted. Later, a new team was formed, and Nazar’s friends invited him to assist with meetings and work with children.

Nazar immediately enjoyed the opportunity, having already gained some experience from attending the meetings as a participant. Thus, it was not difficult for him to become one of the leaders. The Lord has endowed Nazar with organizational skills, and he enjoys serving and developing them. He particularly likes working with children, and he does it exceptionally well. In the future, Nazar plans to continue working with Day Centers and helping children transform their lives.

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