About the friendship of our two day centers and their incredible mission.

News 08 May 2023
About the friendship of our two day centers and their incredible mission.

Friends are a treasure that we always carry with us, and new acquaintances are windows to the world of unforgettable adventures and memories. In our group of day care centers, we are always happy to make new acquaintances and opportunities to strengthen our relationships. Recently, we had the honor of meeting the children’s centers “VitoClub” and “Emilchyno” at an introductory meeting on the topic “Check your foundation”. 65 teenagers came together to enjoy socializing, fun games and crafts, and our delicious lunch. Victor Ovsiychuk, responsible for the Emilchyno сhildrens` centre, spoke about how a strong foundation is important for our lives, and Jesus Christ can become this foundation. We were glad to share experiences and to pray together for further ministry for children and teenagers. It was a truly unforgettable meeting that strengthened our relationships and enriched our hearts!

This meeting with the teenagers was a reminder for us that our relationships with friends are extremely important, and a strong foundation built on love and faith in Christ is the basis for a happy and eternal life. We are very grateful to the “VitoClub” and “Emilchyno” children’s centers for this opportunity to meet and spend time together. It was incredibly important for our group and we are looking forward to the next meeting, because we realized that for us new acquaintances can be very interesting and even grow into real friendships. We know that friends are those who will support you in a difficult moment, share joy, and help make your dreams come true. We are glad to have had the opportunity to meet such a wonderful group of people and look forward to the next meeting to continue building our strong relationships and getting to know the Lord together.

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