I can't imagine my life without God

Lida is a beautiful girl with full of hope gray eyes, long blond hair. She is smiling, cheerful, always ready to help in any matter. For others she is an example of how not to fall in the spirit and trust in God even despite difficult life circumstances!

If you ask her what good memories she has from childhood, the answer will be - none. Unfortunately, there is nothing good about her childhood. She was often bullied, classmates and even teachers laughed at her at school; she always had short hair and had no friends. The girl and the elder brother were raised by their mother (without father), and the younger sister was in the boarding school.

Large family, weekdays in a small room of an old dorm. It seems like a good future for this girl is just a dream.

When Lida was 9 years old, she was invited to Day Center, which was held in the church. She gladly accepted this invitation. What did the girl like here? Everything! The atmosphere of love and acceptance, that people communicated with her and not bullied! Leaders even invited to go for a walk in the park! 2-3 years later Lida began attending classes for people with disabilities and was eventually offered to help in this ministry.

About 6 years after Lida first came to DC, there was a graduation of senior DC members. On the one hand, it was the end of one stage in life, but on the other, it was the beginning of something new, even a little self-contained!

Later the young girl was baptized and her ministry to people with disabilities became her job. Today she is a student at Ukrainian Catholic University and is studying medical, psychological and social support for people with disabilities to be more effective in ministry and work.

Her best friend is Jesus, who will listen, direct. He is her Master. She draws wisdom and power from the Word of God; her favorite books of the Bible are the Proverbs, the Psalms, the Gospel of John. She likes to listen to Christian music.

And it seems the circumstances around the girl have not changed. Lida and her relatives live in a small dorm room with their mother, brother and sister. But Lida is different now. And she learns to react differently to everything that happens, to react with love, with patience, etc.


Lida says: "Now, I cannot imagine my life without God".

I can't imagine my life without ...