Filipova Tanya

Tanya, who is of one the first Khmelnytskyi Day Center graduates,

was baptized and joined the church in 2008. She is committed to do volunteering ministry with children. She also takes responsibility to organize meetings in Khmelnytskyi Day Center, when the main staff is busy with some other events. Tanya also helps with all the projects such as conferences, trainings, camps and different evangelical events. Some time ago she was a part of team that went to Day Center located in Vovkovnytzi village, conducted lessons there and also helped with some other Day Center activities in the region.
A few women decided to attend Bible study group after they had visited Mothers Day. That event was organized in Day Center in 2010. We were so excited to see that Tanya`s mother Liudmyla repented during Sunday service in August. She was baptized July 3, 2011 in Khmelnytskyi. Her decision was a huge blessing for the Day Center, women bible study group and church.
Before Liuda was baptized, she went through different hard seasons in her life. Her biggest challenge was to implement the changes that happened in her heart and mind into her life circumstances. We do believe, that the Lord restores and puts together all the broken pieces of our lives. We pray, that God provides Liuda with strength to be faithful to the Lord, despite all the hardships in her life.