Voloshin Kolya

Kolya is one of the first graduates of Khmelnitsky Day Center.

He works with the younger boys, who have already been visiting Day Centers for some period of time. Kolya also learns to play guitar and to preach. Some time ago, he held the meeting with church and Day Center teenagers where he encouraged and taught them to serve in small churches in the villages nearby. Then, he joined the team, that visit orphanage. In 2013 Kolya moved to study in Poland, which was his biggest dream ever. He worked hard to learn Polish language even when everybody thought that there was almost no chance, that he might study abroad. God encouraged his brothers in Christ, who had some business connections in Poland to help him. Kolya usually comes back to Ukraine during summer and winter holidays. He is still very active and takes part in different church activities, which are held during the recess.

I can't imagine my life without ...