for children at risk

Social and counseling work with kids from low-income and single-parent families

DAY CENTERS – is a unique long-term project, that aims at sharing the Gospel in action. The program is dedicated to spiritual growth of children as well as to meeting social needs of their families. Day Center is a place, where warm and supportive atmosphere is created that helps children to develop spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


Unfortunately, nearly 80% of families in Ukraine have some kind of hard situation. For instance, one or both of the parents are alcoholics or drug abusers, the parents themselves are divorced or the family is a single-parent household, or they struggle to survive with an income well below the poverty line for Ukraine. This translates into a much harder childhood for hundreds of thousands of children.
Because of the destroyed family values, unstable economic and social situation, parents` business, the amount of children at risk rapidly increases. Broken, divorced or impoverished families are main reasons why children might be at a risk. God`s love and genuine care about those kids urges Christians to bring hope and help them.

The Day Center program is performed through:

- Cooperation with schools, social services and parents;
- Children counseling concerning development of relationships;
- Christian ethics lessons;
- Help with homework assignments;
- Lectures about healthy lifestyle ;
- Lunch or snack provision;
- Sport games;
- Crafts, etc.


Children in Day Centers experience love and support, that they don`t receive in their families. They learn about their value in Christ. This is a great opportunity to gain practical skills, to start building strong social relations and not to be influenced by peers on the streets. In addition, children can get the help with home assignments, thus they can get high achievements, pass exams well, enter different educational institutions and get a good job. The positive changes in families lead to huge changes in society. Above all, people will hear and accept Good News about salvation which is in Christ.