Melnychuk Yevgen

Few years ago there was a turmoil in my life, which I had a hard time to cope with.

I had no support from friends as I didn't know whom I could rely on. Fortunately, my old friend came back from France. We were penpals while he was there, I shared with him about my problems. He encouraged me a lot and I was very grateful to him. It were words from his letter that made me first think about God.

He said: "Yevgen, you do not need to thank me, sometimes God helps and speaks to people through other people." these words impressed me. In October, my friend invited me to a Christian club. At first I was trying to find excuses not to go but as he was soon to leave abroad again and I wanted to spend some more time with him, I agreed. The club theme was something about pregnancy, children and mothers. I sat there and it was at the same time awkward and engaging to me. I met many interesting people. I was especially struck by their openness and simplicity. I felt their purity. Since I aslo had to leave the city for 3 months, I missed the following club's meetings. But I remembered that evening and many times my thoughts dwelt on that time.

The next meeting with my future team was in Vyzhenka village, where we celebrated the New Year. They invited me to spend this time together and it was my best New Year ever! It was totally different from all previous. We sang Christian songs and enojyed our fellowship. I asked myself: what is the difference between us? Our physiology was identical but inside we were very different. I wanted to find the answer and began to attend church on a weekly basis. In one of the sermons, I realized that the difference was simple. Holy Spirit worked in their hearts. I repented and I have been growing spiritually ever since.

I thank God for those people who are now in my life, I am grateful to Him for the way He led me to Him, I am grateful to God for the trials in my life, which He used as a path to salvation, to Christ.

Lena Dzhus
I am grateful to God that  I met Him at an ...