Natasha Podolna

For the first time Natasha came at the youth club when she was 13.

She liked it very much and began to attend it regularly, sometimes she even missed rehearsals of her dance group. She knew some Christians before but they didn’t arouse in her some special feelings: neither amazement nor hostility. But Natasha have never had personal relations with God. She knew that Christ died for her, for her sins, that He loves her. She prayed, read the Bible but did it very rarely and did it because other Christians did it. But time has come and God opened her that she lives in sins: she is not obedient to His Word, she lives according to the values of this world. Her relations with God changed a lot. Natasha realized her insignificance and decided to give her life to Jesus. She was baptized, became the member of the local church, began to serve in the Christian club. Of course, there were falls and tests, but God lifted and forgave. He showed her a lot of times how much He loves her and appreciates. Since then four years have already passed but Natasha has never regretted that one day she met Him and gave Him her life. Looking at her in the beginning of the Christian way and now, we can say, that these are two absolutely different persons.
"I thank God for our club where one day I has come and for ministry in this club that God gave me. And I believe that through our youth ministry and our club “Agape” a lot of young people will be saved, will know unconditional God’s love, will know true sense of life and will find spiritual family which only Jesus Christ can give

Lena Dzhus
I am grateful to God that  I met Him at an ...