Stas Kozyk

I have known about about God since my childhood, I went to church with my parents and relatives on my father's line.

Almost all of my father's family were believers and it was not something strange for me. I went to church, spent summer in Christian camps etc. I liked it, but it meant nothing to me, because I was a child.

I was humble, shy, did not have many friends, and was not the coolest kid on the block. Quite often older guys insulted me and my friend, but we wouldn't respond...

My life began to change somewhere in 13 years. I was coming at a "LIGHT UP" youth club and went on handball tranings. There I found my "friends". They were from handball team, not  from the church, simple guys from he world. Well, with them I started to use bad language and hanging out with bad company (and I was only 13-14). Then things went worse, but then I did not see it, I had fun, I was fine. Then came the alcohol and cigarettes. Thank God, I have not ruined my life much with that, now  I have a feeling that God was stopping me then. But it dragged on, it has become a habit. However, though irregularly, but I visited the meetings of the Christian club.

When those "friends" from handball found out aout it they began to bully me, "you go to a sect," etc., etc. It offended me. Over time, new people joined the handball team and my "old friends", became too cool for me. And I was alone again. I got tired of all their insults so much that I left the team. Then I hang out my classmate who also wasn't a right person to be friends with. Later I wandered the area with all sorts of companies. Although not the worst ones, but it is clear that they were not decent.

Once one of the LIGHT UP club leaders and I were riding the bikes and he had to go at the leaders meeting. He invited me to go along and I agreed. Thus I began to come at the leaders' metings. I desperately wanted to offer myself to become a leader, but did not dare. Step by step I started to help the club team. And the moment came: we were preparing a play for Easter on April 20, 2014. I took part in it, and on the same day I opened my heart for Jesus!!!

Well, that's it about my way. God allowed all to happen so that I could see the difference. My life has changed dramatically. This is interesting to me: when I was of age 10 - 13 I have seen a dream or a film about a teenager who had to make his choice in life: to follow God or to live in the world. The most amazing thing is that in the dream / film he made that choice in 16 years. And with me it was the same: I have repented when I was 16! I am very happy with God, now I have a new family and real true friends.

Lena Dzhus
I am grateful to God that  I met Him at an ...