Katya Slavinska

‘Christianity is a religion of losers!” You`ve heard this so many times!

God influences the lives of strong people as well. Katya is a vigorous girl, who used to go in for karate for 8 years and ganed different awards. She learnt about Jesus Christ at the youth club “Atmosphere +”. Before that, the youth leader Volodymyr Leshchynsky visited her school and gave some lectures about the harm of bad habits like drinking and smoking. Katya still was the tenth year student then. Even though she wasn`t really interested in the lectures, the phrase “to stand out of the crowd and find your personality” made her analyze her life. After the lectures Volodymyr invited everyone to come to the youth club to have more conversations and Katya showed up there. As a result, she couldn`t believe that she really liked the meeting. She was amazed by what she saw and heard and the girl was looking forward to visiting next meetings. She wasn`t discouraged by the conversation about God and she was eager to learn more. Since that time Katya started to ask lots of questions about Jesus and leaders noticed a little fire burning in her heart and decided to tell her more about Him. They invited her to different camps, where Katya learnt more and more about God and Christians. She didn`t visit Sunday services because she had quite distorted idea about the church. The first things that came on her mind while thinking about Sunday service where temples, religious rituals, icons and forever lasting services.
She plucked up her courage and decided to visit the church service four months later. To her surprise, service was very different from ones that she used to see earlier. The preacher taught an interesting preaching that was easy to understand, he was dressed up in a suit and not in a robe. There was also worship music and a good fellowship. After that service Katya could find no peace, as she immersed in her thoughts about God. She was thinking over an important decision that she was about to make. Next month, Katya devoted her life to the Lord, asked Him to save and to change her. Though she was invited many times to come and to pray with the prayer of repentance in the front of the church, she was never brave enough to take this step. Katya realized the importance of this decision and she was still afraid of what her future life would look like. God kept working in her heart and Katya decided to ask Jesus to come into her heart on September 11, 2007 during the youth fellowship. This step turned out to be easier and less official than Katya expected, and the joy after that was much bigger than she could ever imagine. Since that time Katya started to notice some positive changes in her life.  She learnt to give all the glory to God when she achieved high results in sport. Her results became even higher than before. God used her great devotion to dancing – a new Christian dancing team ‘Smile’ was created.
God used her love to work with children when she started to serve in Sunday school. He also healed her physically. Doctors said that she wasn`t allowed to do any sports because of her knee injury that happened 3 years ago. That`s already has been 2 years after her repentance and she has never felt any knee pain since that time. She does lots of physical activities with her dancing club, though. God also took the desire to hang out and drink with her friends who are unbelievers. Her friends insisted that Katya come with them. When she rejected their offers, they turned out from her and blamed her. Her Christian friends showed Katya what true friendship looks like. They encouraged her a lot and helped her to resist many temptations.
God saves and changes many lives. Katya is grateful to God and she glorifies the Lord with her life. Now, she is a part of “Atmosphere +” team, the same place where she met Christ. She helps youth to learn more about God.
Are you satisfied with your life? Are you still afraid of betrayal, pain and disappointments that break into your life every day? You can overcome your fears, when you invite God into your life. He takes care of you and fulfills all the needs of your heart because He loves you! That`s not the easiest way, but it`s definitely worth going. Now, I have lots of new friends, who bring so much joy in my life. God also fulfills desires of my heart.

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