Ira Bodnarchuk

.. She stands in the crowd of her friends and they all are listening carefully to one guy who is talking about some strange club he has visited recently.

The guy was silent for a minute and then said: «They also made a sacrifice there ...» The group of teens gasped with rapture and horror at the same time. Of course the guy was joking but still teens were very interested in this unknown place where young people could come and chat, and have fun. So next time Ira went there with the purpose to see if his story was true ...

Ira was not ordinary teenager - all days she spent in informal companies and in breaks between noisy parties studied for the seamstress-cutter. Certainly, she dreamt to become the glorified fashion designer of informal clothes. She has heard about Jesus as well as about Christian youth club from few Christian friends. They invited her to visit their club but she never came. She liked to think that God does not exist. She was irritated when her older brother spent too much time with some black book instead of paying attention to her. She liked to listen music, to go at disco clubs.

The first thing that has amazed her in this Christian Yaspis club was an inexplicable atmosphere of peace and rest, wonderfully combined with general fun. This improbable feeling of peace did not leave Ira all next week. And thereafter she knew well were to go if she felt sad. She still spent time with her old friends but God gradually changed her heart. She found a good new friend Nastya, a member of this Christian club. Nastya's openness to discuss things, the example of her sincere Christian life have deeply affected Ira's views. At first she was afraid of prayers in club, she was concerned not to be hypnotised. So during prayers she tried to think about something else. Then she began to listen what they speak in prayer about. And step by step the sense of these prayers began to reach her and soon she found herself saying «Amen» in the end of each prayer. Next summer there was very important event - they invited Ira in Christian summer camp. She really wanted but didn't have the money (it's hard being a student) and a miracle happened - the camp director (Vitaly Basenko) has allowed her to go to free of charge. It was there, in one of camp evenings that she made decision to accept Jesus in the heart.

Having returned from camp, she has ceased to feel "stranger" among Christians, could come freely to church, with pleasure communicated with teens from the club.
Then there was a period when it has departed, having returned to an old life. But fellowship with Christians and presence of the living God, Loving Saviour in her heart has not passed for nothing.
One day she talked with Nastya and asked her to pray together. On a back yard of a church they prayed to God and her relations with the Lord have been finally restored.

Looking at other Christians, she saw, how they love the Word of God. So Ira bought her own Bible and celebrated this event! Now she could open Bible references during services together with all and to study God's word herself. God was faithful and step by step relations in her family which never were ideal began to improve. Ira's habits and life style have changed now she sees life in the light of Jesus Christ.
Ira was 18 years old when she has accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. 5 years have passed since then. Now Ira is one of the most active church members, passionate Christian and an employee of Youth for Christ organisation. Needless to say she loves to work with clubs because she knows perfectly how effective this ministry is. In her opinion if someone were do statistics how youth and teens came to church - clubs and camps ministry would be definitely number one. Many young men still don't know Jesus and they need Him so badly but don't realize that...They should hear about God from their peers. So all your efforts you put in organizing, preparing and holding clubs WORTH IT! DO it and you will see God's work through you and changed lives - the biggest joy for a Christian.

Lena Dzhus
I am grateful to God that  I met Him at an ...