for teens and youth

Popular and effective method of reaching young people for Christ

Teenager and youth clubs of the Rock Solid program as the church ministry are popular and effective method of reaching young people for Christ. That’s why many churches of Ukraine use evangelistic club attracting teenagers and youth and sharing with them good news of salvation.

Now in our country this method is widely used and different churches of Ukraine cooperate with the organization “Youth for Christ” telling Gospel to young unsaved people. So our goal – to help your church to organize effective long-term teenager and youth ministry, that will yield fruit for Christ.

Club is specially prepared by church team meeting for unbelieving young people that consists of four main parts:

1. “Icebreaker” (games, competitions, dramas, illustrations, multimedia short videos)
2. Discussion of the topic
3. Fellowship

Club's goals:

1. Make friends with teens
2. On the basis of this friendship to preach the gospel of salvation in Christ

Club is based on the following principles:

1. Joy and interest: the program is constructed so that it would be joyful and interesting for youth
2. Relationships: at club meetings the team has a good possibility to get to know and make friends with teens.
3. Actual topics: team discusses topics that worry modern youth
4. Gospel: the main club’s goal is to tell about Jesus Christ who can become their Savior and Friend
5. Cooperation: cooperation with “Youth for Christ” and other clubs of Ukraine

Rock Solid Program was developed by the organization "Youth for Christ" to help local churches to reach teens and youth for Jesus by evangelistic clubs. Program is directed at reaching young people taking into consideration their personal tastes, interests and needs. One of the main reasons of creation of this program is to show that teens are important for God and church mustn't treat them indifferently. Rock Solid includes lots of different topics which are vital for modern teens. For example: relations with parents, solitude, fear, future, hooliganism, parties, dates, sex, friends, drugs, alcohol and many others.

Rock Solid Program is a complete set of resources for a school year in which every component of the meeting is planned in detail. This resource will be very useful for your club ministry. Every meeting of the Rock Solid club consists of energetic and merry games and competitions, short videos, discussion of a topic in teams, practical examples from life and telling Gospel to youth. As a result at the meeting you impel young people to think about God and they will know how God can in reality help them in certain situations.