Children from Day Center in Novhorod Volynskiy Want to Have Their Own Bibles.

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Day Center, called “You Are Special” welcomes children who study in the orphanage of the city of Novhorod Volynskiy. Our participants are the students of 4th and 5th grades. Praise the Lord that children are interested to listen to God's Word and learn various Bible verses. Some of them do even read Bible by themselves. Children really want to have their own Bibles. And the leaders do not have enough to provide every child with one. 

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The School of Leaders Has Been Held in Central Ukraine

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The School of Leaders has been Held in the city of Obukhiv, which is located in Central Ukraine, in November 17, 18. The School is a great opportunity which is  provided for those who are ready to learn to serve better. Many brothers and sisters from Kyiv, Chernigiv and Zhytomyr regions visited the second school session. 

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Girls, Supported by the Zhitomir Day Center, Are Learning to Cook

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Day Centers “Clean Heart” and “Spring of Life” have already resumed cooking classes for girls.  Young ladies are eager to visit these classes, learn to cook and practice their skills at home. At the last meeting, a girl, who came for the first time, said that she would ask her mother to buy all the necessary groceries and she would make the same pancakes at home.

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The Talent Alone Is Never Enough

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This was the topic of the final session of the “School of Leaders”, located in Zhitomir region.  The school was held on November 3, 4 in the city of Radomyshl. About 110 leaders met together, to learn, encourage each other and to recharge.

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