A Story About Brave Knight in the LIGHT UP Youth Club

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An interesting meeting was held in the club LIGHT UP in Chernivtsi. At this meeting, the leaders offered young people to look back at all the way they went with the LIGHT UP team during this season. Teenagers reviewed all the topics, that they were inspired with, and all the challenges, that they faced.

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Picnic and Important Lessons about Hygiene

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It already gets warmer and warmer outside, so the time for picnics has been started! Khmelnitsky Day Center staff didn`t want to lose such a great opportunity to have a picnic, cook sausages over an open fire and spend time together with children.  

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Youth Leaders from Kharkiv and Some Neighbor Regions Mastered Leadership Skills

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On April 14, 2018, 40 leaders came from eastern Ukraine to learn about the Bible leadership in the city of Kharkiv. Such teachers as Boris Korovchenko from the city of Kramatorsk, Vitaliy Kravchenkov, Ruslan Belozerov and Alexander Samorodov from the city of Kharkiv, as well as Andrii Talko from the city of Zhitomir, gave lectures at the school of leadership.

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