DCs in Khmelnitsky Region Has Started a New Season!

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The YFC team organized a first team meeting of the new season in September, the 29th. More than 20 of the DC leaders of Khmelnitsky region got together to encourage each other and to discuss some questions, related to DC organization.

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Ternopil Day Center Has Organized a Meeting for Parents

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Every month, Ternopil DC holds the meeting for parents of the children, who attend the DC. This time, the meeting that opened a new season was held in September,  the 28th. 10 families visited it. Parents shared their brightest summer family moments, and they also told that their children did miss their time in the DC during summer holidays.

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Graduation Day in Poninka Day Center

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Even though most of DC graduations are usually held at the end of spring or in summer, DC that is called “The House of Friends”, located in the city of Poninka, decided to hold their graduation in fall. The special meeting was held in September, the 13th, which was both the first meeting of the season and graduation for teenagers. Children, who have been visiting the DC for a long time, have got the opportunity to become volunteers in the DC.

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Camp Follow-up Meeting Has Been Organized for Children in Day Centers

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This meeting, held on September the 8th, gathered all the campers from DCs together. Kids were looking forward to meeting their new friends after the camp. They were excited to sing songs together, play games, revise tongue-twisters and watch camp photos again. They had an opportunity to look back at their precious memories about living in the tents, singing near a campfire and having so much fun. 

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Day Center in Zhytomyr Region Organized the Family Day

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At the end of summer, “Holy Star” Day Center organized the Family Day in the village of Mlynyshche. Kids were excited to play games, jump on the trampoline, and eat cotton candy. The team also had a time of fellowship with youth in the evening. They also visited low-income families and brought them presents.

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