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The Day Center “The Lighthouse” in Lutsk is starting to work with the mothers, whose children visit the DC. This ministry is evolving so fast that DC leaders think about establishing DC for moms. This would be the place where they could have the opportunity to talk about their problems, grow in a sphere of motherhood, study the Bible truths together, and generally receive the spiritual and social support. 

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Ministry of "THE OPTIMIST" Day Center in Lviv

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"The optimist" Day Center is very progressive in Lviv! 18 people from the local church are involved in the DC ministry. They also invite people from other churches to help organize various workshops, such as radio technics, medicine, automobile one, etc. The DC conducted 3 workshops in cooperation with cosmetic company Mary Kay and with the help of a private nail artist. Girls learned how to take proper care of their face and body. In order to raise interest in school subjects, leaders organized an excursion, called “Zoo under a microscope”. Kids explored the anatomy structure of insects, salt crystals, hair, nails, etc.  

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“When we work – we work, but when we pray – God works!” This conclusion was made by participants of the Southern Ukraine Leadership School, which took place in Odesa on January 26, 2019, The participants were inspired by the seminar “How the Leaders Pray”, which was conducted by Veniamin Unhurian, the youth leader of a church, which gave a very warm welcome. The efficiency of the ministry, indeed, depends on the prayer life of a leader, as well as on his full dependence from God. 

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денний центр Ковель

The Kids` Dreams are Coming True in the Kovel Day Center!

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Exciting and useful meetings are regularly organized in the DC, called “The Happy Day,” located in Kovel. Even though some children cannot come because the daylight is getting shorter, the rest of the kids are still getting together! The DC leaders have recently had a lesson dedicated to dreams. Children shared about their dreams, and they learned to entrust these dreams to God by prayers. God answered on the prayer of one boy right at the meeting!

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