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On August 12 - 17, Youth for Christ organized E-Camp in partnership with Mike Manna (an YFCI Global trainer) and the US team. The camp was called “ Move the Mountains”, and it was held in the facilities of the extreme center “Karabin”. 65 teenagers came from different Day Centers of Kmelnytskyi, Volyn, and Lviv regions. The main message was “God is the One who can move the mountains of our worries, troubles and disappointments.”

The camp program was full of different parts: morning services, English songs, the lessons, where kids learnt about different mountains in the world, discovering Bible truths + English speaking practice, crafts, swimming in Dnister river, and extreme sports.


The participants were excited about so many activities to try. They enjoyed learning new English words and speaking with the US team. Every meeting, conducted by our foreign friends, was full of various interesting geographical and historical facts, Bible stories, and examples from their own lives. And all of this was presented in English! So, our teenagers grew in their knowledge of different school subjects.

The camp participants were also interested in playing sports games, which they never tried before. Extreme sport was an excellent opportunity for kids to overcome their fears. Teenagers climbed the wall, flew on the zip line, and climbed a high column. Most of the kids did these things for the first time in their lives. YFC is grateful to Extreme Center Karabin for this opportunity.

God uniquely blessed this camp with different types of weather. We had hot days with 35°C and chilly days with 18°C.  This made the camp even more extreme, and it didn’t make kids feel disappointed.

During the evening services, kids sang songs about God, listened to the stories of Ukrainian and US leaders teams about how God worked in their lives. We also summed up the topic of the day then. Kids loved watching the tricks, made by Anatoliy Kushnirchuk (a military chaplain), where he explained Bible truths.

An exciting camp moment was a presentation of sketches by every team. They had been preparing for several days, and then, at the end of the camp, they showed their performances. This task united the teams, and it also helped kids to develop their gifts.

The team organized an interesting game, called “Real Life” on the last day. Kids earned “money” while doing some “work” or raised their education rates. Sometimes they broke the law, and were sentenced to “prison”. They spent the “money” in the shop, visited a church and this was an excellent analogy with their real lives. Then the game suddenly stopped, symbolizing the end of the world, and everyone was left with what he gained during life. The game encouraged participants to think about what they spend their time on, and what is truly important. Kids also were encouraged to think about their eternal life. Where will their lives finish?

During the last evening service, the preacher called teenagers to devote their lives to Jesus, to trust Him and to conquer the huge mountains of sin and troubles in their lives. During that evening, 20 teenagers answered the calling and prayed a prayer of repentance.

Even though the team had to deal with some serious obstacles, God blessed us with excellent results and helped us to go through everything that was on our way. 5 days of E-Camp were a great time of spiritual recuperation for ministers, time of new acquaintances, new feelings and emotions, time of rest and practical evangelism, answers on prayers and God`s leading.

Teenagers, as well as the team, speak about the unique atmosphere and warm memories that they treasure in their hearts.


YFC - Ukraine thanks all the partners for help with the project. We thank Mike Manna and his team for all the love and devotion to Ukrainian kids. We thank Kyle Idleman for his book “Not a Fan”. We thank Extreme Park “Karabin” that you organized extreme activities for the kids. We thank mission “Eurasia” for the journals “Spark”, for interpreters, leaders, music band and the speaker from the city of Dunaivtsi. We also thank everyone who prayed and joined the project.

Please, pray for the spiritual growth of teenagers and all the YFC camps. Join us in partnership so that we can do more for the glory of God together.


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