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During July 8-14, “The Path” day camp took place in Yasenivka. This year 55 children visited it, and 90% of them were from non-christian families. “The Path” was all about the choice: to look like a Christian or to be a true one. Children listened to Bible lessons with pleasure; they played different games, prepared sketches for the evening service, took part in various workshops and cooking classes.

Oksana Polishchuk, the YFC staff member, was the coordinator of the camp and the ministers of the DC “Daughters of the King” were mentors. The dedication of the team was impressive. A few young leaders from the local church joined forces with their friends from the neighbourhood church, and they worked together with great devotion. 

It has already been the 8th camp, done by the DC. Some of the kids have previously visited the camps years before. The ministers see that this is an excellent opportunity to influence children’s lives and become closer friends with them. Years of service and communication with children gave the chance to win the trust of the parents as well. 

On the last day of the camp, the church organised Evangelism meeting to celebrate the end of it. They invited music band “Morning star”, and Ivan Prokopchuk shared the Word. The children also performed with the program for their parents. 

More than 60 parents and other people from the village visited the meeting. It was the time of informal communication and shining of God’s Word in their hearts.

 Both children and parents asked if there would be the opportunity to visit the camp the next year. 


The camp ministry is certainly an efficient tool of Evangelism, and also the ground of the growth for the young ministers. Pray for all the camps, the children and teenagers.