Ukrainian - Dutch Social Project to help children at risk

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YFC Ukraine joined forces with Dutch Cornerstone Сhurch and Khmelnytsky Baptist Church to conduct a grand social project in Khmelnytsky region. 52 Dutch young people came to Ukraine on July 13 to serve local kids at risk. They organized a camp, helped families with their needs and built the DC facility.

This project has been planning and preparing for the whole year. The Cornerstone Сhurch gathered the team and found the necessary finances to come to Ukraine and help local families. Youth for Christ and the Baptist Church found the group of local volunteers and took care of all the details of the project. Praise the Lord, the missionary team made their way to Ukraine!

YFC decided to focus on helping the village, called Vodychky, located in Khmelnytsky region. This is the place where Day Center that helps kids at risk is located. A big Dutch bus was tested with Ukrainian roads every day, and locals usually asked each other: What is going on?

A really huge event was actually going on. A part of the missionary team served about 90 kids, who came from different DCs of Khmelnytsky region. Dutch and Ukrainian youth organized sports competitions, workshops, and English speaking classes. They also learned the languages of their fellow team members.

The other part of the missionary team took part in building the DC facility. 15 people laid down building blocks, daubed plaster on walls, made cement to establish the ground floor of the DC facility. Regardless of the language barrier, the work was done extremely fast and effectively. People took shifts so that everyone had a chance to serve with their own hands.

Meanwhile, the other group visited local families who live in hard circumstances to offer them help. During 5 days they helped 6 families of the kids, who attend DC meetings. They built stable, additional room in the house, daubed plaster on walls, and chopped wood for the winter season. 

This was a huge help. The families were genuinely grateful, and their eyes were shining with happiness. They were amazed that some strangers, who came from the other country, were ready to work hard to help them. They thanked God with the tears of gratitude. This was a real miracle in their lives. All the families visited the festive lunch, prepared on the very last day. Dutch friends made about 200 pancakes for kids and their families.

So, this project has become an essential social help for Ukrainian families and the DC. It also was a chance for Dutch people to grow deep in their faith. They received valuable experience to serve others and what is the most important - they learned to value what they already have even more than before. Missionaries gathered together every evening to pray and study God`s Word. Their relationships with God grew and brought fruits.

The big project brought significant results. The team built the whole ground floor of the DC facility, helped 6 families, and organized a fantastic camp. 


Every Dutch wrote their name on the blocks of the house as a reminder of these great days. They also put down the name of the project, which was very symbolic. Dutch and Ukrainian youth have become good friends. Guests also fell in love with Ukraine, its nature and hospitality of people.

YFC sincerely thanks Cornerstone Church in the Netherlands for this project and praise the Lord for such an amazing partnership. May it get stronger and bring even more great projects the following years for the glory of God.