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The Day Center, located in the city of Pokrovsk, started a new tradition - sharing Bible truths with the help of science experiments. One of these was called “What Are You Living For? The leader showed kids 2 ballons. He filled one of them with pieces of paper with words like money, power, career, etc. Then he brought the ballon to the fire and it popped. He filled the other balloon with water, which symbolizes the living water, which Jesus gives those who live for His sake and serves Him. When he brought the second ballon to the fire, it didn’t pop. The leader demonstrated kids the following truth: If you live for Christ’s sake, you’ll not be disappointed in Him. 

The Day Center in Pokrovsk organizes meetings for kids at risk three times a week. Children play team games, learn the Bible, and the DC team helps them with homework on Tuesdays. They have English lessons on Thursdays, and creative workshops, where they do crafts, on Saturdays. 

As it is getting warmer, DC conducts the meetings outdoors, where kids play active team games. The leaders pick up games, which will help kids to interact in a team and learn care for others. 

At the end of April, kids celebrated Easter in the DC. They listened to the story about Christ, who was a real person, and not a myth. The leaders prepared gifts - backpacks and tubes of toothpaste, so kids were excited. 

Please, support the ministry of the DC, so that new volunteers would join, the kids and parents lives would change, and BBQ would be organized.