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The kids from the DC “The Optimist” took part in the big meeting, dedicated to Easter. The kids from the youth club “The Future” also joined it. On April 19, leaders of these ministries created an exceptional atmosphere for kids. They were able to experience how a Jewish family usually celebrates Passover. Children saw different symbolical dishes put on the table. Matzah, bitter herbs, and roasted meat, which symbolizes the future God’s Lamb, were among them. 

The leaders also held some quizzes, sang songs and showed a Superbook cartoon about Old Testament Pessah. Five mums visited the meeting, and they were also eager to participate in these activities. 

The DC kids together with children from church performed in a sketch called “My Easter Lily,” and they also sang a song about the resurrection of Christ. 


Praise the Lord, that these kids learn more about Christ during their DC meetings. Jesus influences their fates and changes them for the better.