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Recently the Day Center “There’s a Prospect” in Lviv celebrated its 3rd Birthday. The team was interviewing the children, who visit DC. Children were asked the question “Why do you visit DC? Do you like it?”. It was so inspiring to hear that 16-year-old Mykola said: “Because I’m loved here” Children also mentioned among some of the reasons friendly atmosphere, learning something new about God, and prayer. 

The organizers also invited children, who used to visit DC earlier. Twenty-five of them come to the meeting. A mother of a boy brought a full bag of shoes, which were distributed among the children later.

There are many children, who attend the meetings, so the DC team created two groups. They talk about good attitude and respect to parents with elder teenagers. The younger ones listen to lessons about how God created the world.

Praise the Lord, that children enjoy coming to the meetings because they experience acceptance, love, and care here. They, unfortunately, don’t usually get this at home.


Please, pray for the team, and also pray that children would come regularly and their moms would attend the meetings for women, and the changes would be visible in their families. Support the ministry of Day Centers.