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One of the recent meetings of the Day Center “The Spring of Life”  in Zhytomyr was dedicated to the topic “The Mess.” They created an uncomfortable atmosphere in the room. The team dressed up carelessly, took away the chairs and suggested sitting on the floor. There were a lot of strange (to reasonable extent ) games. An invited speaker talked about sin and how it spoils the life of people and brings the mess into their lives. He also told about Jesus, who brings the order into the life of a Christian.

Children were impressed by the meeting. The older teenagers particularly reacted to the atmosphere. They said that it’s a great example of how you shouldn’t do: don’t let your room, soul, relationships or life be messy.

The team of the DC “The Spring of Life,” which regularly hold the meetings for children at risk, are glad to welcome two new leaders in the team. Leader meetings became more efficient, and it instantly caused an improvement of the DC program. The team is actively working to find some additional funds for the needs of the Center. That’s why they decided to cook something tasty and offer it to people after Sunday service, when they are communicating during the tea time. Pastors supported the idea, and the church liked it as well. As a result, all pizzas, prepared by the children were sold. This great start gave them the motivation to continue this practice of cooking something tasty, selling it, and use the funds to meet DC needs.

The leaders rejoice that God gives amazing ideas for the development of DC. Children and teenagers visit the meetings and hear about Jesus. God answers their prayers and sends new people who join the team.


Support this important ministry and pray for the development of the Day Centers in Ukraine. More than a hundred DCs serve above 2000 children at risk.