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On April 20, a training, called “Day Center from A to Z”, was organized in Konstiantynivka. Twenty-five people came there, including both leaders of existing Day Centers and the ministers, who consider creating a DC in their churches.

The conference started with singing worship songs, praising God, and the sermon of the pastor, who spoke about the importance of investment in children and letting them come to Christ.

The participants learned about the path of the DC ministry in Konstiantynivka, where DC has already been working for 6 months. The team of the Center understands how challenging this ministry is. One must put a lot of efforts to invest in every child, but these efforts are really rewarding because children are changing. During the meetings, they can hear about the love of Christ and accept Him as their Savior.

Ania Slad, the trainer and speaker about the DC, taught about the beginning stage of the Day Center, the peculiarities of children’s ministry, and how the DC influences the overall development of the child. 

Liudmyla Kashuba, the DC coordinator in Ukraine, shared the story of starting the DC together with YFC, as well as taught about the initial work with families. 

This meeting was also unique because of the time of sharing of the testimonies and life stories of the Day Centers. Halyna Sokhodon from DC in Druzhkivka told about the positive moments and difficulties in the ministry. A girl Vika, who used to visit the meetings, also shared her story about how she turned to God. Now she helps children herself and is one of the leaders in the ministry.

Yevhenii Hrynishyn from DC in Pokrovsk told about the opening of the DC, how it sometimes gets hard to help children, but even small achievements bring joy and motivation to continue serving to God. 

The family of the missionaries told about their ministry in Avdiivka, as they help children with the homework, organize creative lessons, and also show their life example.

After every story told, the participants prayed for each Day Center and their needs. 


Join the prayers for the DC in Eastern Ukraine as well, especially for those, which are close to the war zone. They do need your support and more leaders to serve there.