The Kids` Dreams are Coming True in the Kovel Day Center!

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Exciting and useful meetings are regularly organized in the DC, called “The Happy Day,” located in Kovel. Even though some children cannot come because the daylight is getting shorter, the rest of the kids are still getting together! The DC leaders have recently had a lesson dedicated to dreams. Children shared about their dreams, and they learned to entrust these dreams to God by prayers. God answered on the prayer of one boy right at the meeting!

Nicole, the Canadian missionary, visited the DC. She shared her story of how God had changed her life, taught kids English, and had a great time of fellowship with them. Nicole made a surprise for Roman – she gave him a cellphone! This gift was a vivid example that dreams do come true! He was over the moon with joy! This example emphasized the truth, which comprised the main idea of the lesson.

The kids learn to cook and do various interesting crafts during their DC meetings. The DC ministry is developing, so we need your support and prayers. Join this important ministry!