The School of Leadership was Organized in Sumy

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The YFC team organized the School of Leadership on November 10th in the church, called “The Light of the Gospel.” About 50 people gathered together from Chernihiv, Sumy, and Kharkiv regions. They listened to such topics as “A fear is an obstacle in life and ministry,” “What are leaders praying about?”, “How can you reveal your spiritual gifts?”, “Styles of leadership,” “The victory over problems,” and many others.

The participants listened to 6 lessons, which were presented by Olexandr Hunko, who is the youth leader of Sumy region, Olexandr Dubinin, who is the YFC Ukraine director, Andrii Kravets, who is the youth director of Chernihiv region, and Andrii Talko, who is the youth director of Zhytomyr region and Central part of Ukraine, all of these people were invited as speakers to the conference. Every participant could contemplate how to become the real leader, how to find a personal calling, and how to reveal spiritual gifts. 

The students shared their impressions at the end of the meeting. All the participants were glad to be at School. They realized that leadership is a ministry, which should bring glory to God. The participants are grateful to all the speakers for mentoring and the example of the real leadership.