18 teenagers accepted the Lord in the Light up camp

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Rock solid youth club in Chernivci called Light up organized youth camp for thier youth. Six months of hard preparation and 8 days of great program, which young people will never forget. The camp was held in the town of Vyzhnytsia, in the Carpathians. Forty-one people were participants in the camp, whose lives after beeing in camp had completely changed.

It was surprise for all when the guests from Kropivnitsky city - the leader of the "New Wave" club Yaroslav Mudry and part of his team came to the camp. They contributed to the camp program.

The main goal of the "light up" camp team is to bring the Good News of Jesus Christ to young people. The goal was clearly set and achieved in all areas of the program. The fifth day was held under the theme "The price of freedom," and at the evening meeting, when the Word sounded about the price of our freedom, it was suggested that young people should ask Jesus to be thier Saviour. That evening, the heavens rejoiced over the eighteen young people who took this step.

And upon arrival home, someone already felt the pressure of their relatives, because of the decision to follow Jesus Christ, so pray for them.
When it was time to go home, there were a lot of tears and an unwillingness to say goodbye.

Now, the main task for organizers is to help young people to grow in their faith in Jesus.
Pray for the development of clubs and camps ministry, pray for other camps during this summer.