1992 November

After the fall of the Soviet Union, when the Lord opened the doors to preach the Gospel freely, a huge youth conference is organized together with YFC in Zhytomyr region. The event is led by Paul Khrapak, (who was  the Ukrainian youth leader of Baptist Churches in that time. Jean-Jacques Weiler ( YFC European director in that time) and Bob Tanner (from the USA) visit the conference. A year later they organize youth training in Ukraine together with John Duncan (YFC Northern Ireland director in that time). They observe the leaders as they want to find a person, who is destined to start the YFC movement in Ukraine. Andriy Kostyshyn, who is a young and active citizen of Khmelnytskiy, is elected to take this position.

1993 January

Jean-Jacques hears the Lord`s calling: “Go to Belfast and I`ll show you the person, who will support the ministry in Ukraine”. He sets out to Belfast to the director meeting, where he tells about new ministry possibilities. John Campbell, the businessman form Belfast, visits this meeting by chance. God has willed it so. Jean-Jacque meets him and says that John is the person, who needs to go to Ukraine and to support ministry there. Three months later John comes to Ukraine, helps to establish YFC ministry and becomes president of YFC Ukraine. Since after, he is a close YFC partner, who supports ministry in Ukraine.

1995 November, 15

YFC Ukraine is officially registered and this date is the date of its foundation. Brothers Andriy and Paul Kostyshyns make YFC Ukraine vision. Andriy Kostyshyn graduates from St. James College and becomes the YFC Ukraine National Director. The first youth clubs are held in Khmelnitsky and Zhitomir cities and the movement is gaining traction and is spread in new cities.


Because of close cooperation with YFC Northern Ireland, missionary teams of youth come to Ukraine and organize camps together with Ukrainian youth team in different cities and villages. New regional offices and teams in Khmelnitsky, Zhitomir, Kyiv and Odessa are founded.  YFC widens the variety of ministries, using different patterns of work with youth: youth clubs, inspiring Mannafests, theater ministry “Open masque”, sport ministry (Christian Football League), prayer ministry (prayer trio) and street children ministry (ASK).


Staff is being extended, as new workers are hired. In different cities trainings are held, where YFC workers teach churches to do a better work with youth.
YFC starts to publish books and the first collection of resources “Ideas for Youth Ministry” is released.


YFC Ukraine launches new youth club program ”Rock Solid”, which was developed by YFC Britain. In 2 years, the first translation of “Rock Solid”, the year program, is published. Another 2 programs are published in 2009 and 2014.


YFC team visits leaders training which is held by ‘Equip’ organization. After that, they use program “The Million leaders” and set up conferences which is called now  School of Leadership.


God gives YFC Ukraine office in Irpin. Many conferences and trainings are held in this facility since that time. The location is also used to hold YFC Eastern Europe meetings.
The street children ministry gains traction in Khmelnitsky and Zhitomir regions and transforms into Day Centers. Now children at risk have a possibility to visit the centers, where volunteers will invest into their spiritual, intellectual and physical development.


The world economic crisis influenced the YFC ministries. Many partners could no longer support ministries. Unfortunately, that was the hardest year, as YFC had to cut the stuff from 45 to a little more than 10 workers, who had to take up additional responsibility, so that ministries wouldn`t cease. Thanks to God, YFC could overcome this hard season, focusing on the development of important evangelical forms of work with youth.


YFC Ukraine eagerly helps to start the YFC ministry in Belorus and Armenia.


YFC holds close relationships with Ukrainian Theological Seminaries by giving the lectures on youth and teenage ministries.

2015 January

National director Andriy Kostyshyn transmits his responsibility to Oleksandr Dubinin, who was in charge of the “Rock Solid” youth clubs. Oleksandr becomes the national director and Andriy – the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.  In November YFC Ukraine celebrates the 20-th anniversary and invites everybody, who joined the YFC ministry.


YFC Ukraine progressively develops modern branches of youth ministry such as Day Centers, Schools of leadership, clubs, media ministry and builds new partner relationships with Canada, the USA and other countries.